About Joy

Joy BoundsA BIT ABOUT ME… Originally I come from the north of England, moving from Yorkshire to Lancashire as a child. I came southwards when I was 17 and got a degree in Modern Languages. Immediately after this I started to pursue my interest in social work, and trained in Ipswich from 1972 – 74.¬† I’ve had a long career as a social worker and social care manager, but am retired now. I’ ve got one son, Leif, who lives a bit too far away for me to visit as often as I’d like.

I love novels of all kinds, but even so the Book Group I attend, where we read mainly contemporary novels, has introduced me to many writers I might not have come across otherwise. Amongst so many great writers, how does one pick a favourite? The Book Group loves Barbara Kingsolver, and to her I’d add Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood and Hilary Mantel. I attend a Writers’ Workshop monthly, which used to be lead by Bernardine Coveney who sadly died a couple of years ago. We now have guest writers come and work with us each month, which is always very challenging.

I wasn’t especially interested in history until I realised how much women ‘s stories remain largely untold, both locally and internationally. I belong to the Ipswich Women’s Festival Group which celebrates the achievements of women. Recently the group has tried to uncover and research women who have contributed to the town over the centuries. You can read about these women at www.ipswichwomeninhistory.co.uk.

I enjoy giving talks about my books – about Joan of Arc and about the local Ipswich suffragettes.

Please contact me through the contact page with any questions or comments about my books, or to discuss me giving a talk.